was set-up to build a community of like-minded individuals
to make this world a better place

We all WANT Freedom to achieve our dreams and overcome our barriers :-

A : Aim – For your dream life
B : Barriers – Know your personal barriers
C : Chance – The chance you give yourself

What do you want from Life?

• Happiness
• Health
• Wealth
• Peace of Mind
• Hope for the future, etc..

Find out for yourself, what you can do, to change your life forever!




In the midst of our quest to create a better life for ourselves, we also want to make our lives meaningful to help and bless the less fortunate, uneducated, orphans and the abandoned aged.

Marie Lam

I am a retired Country Manager of a major blue chip international company. With more than 30 years overall working experience in Corporate Management and Human Capital Solutions, I decided to withdraw from full time work at an early age of 45 to unearth creation truths and serve needs of the underprivileged. My passion is working with people. To serve my heart’s desire to set individuals to succeed, I am also currently a freelance Consulting Coach in implementing organizational strategies to optimize results. The vast experiences and life joys I accumulated over the years will be used to bless the like-minded community I am seeking in this venture with Christine.

Christine Chaang

I have worked in different portfolios and various industries in my corporate life. Progressing from a Secretary to a Personal Assistant, I retired as a Human Resource Manager and Executive Secretary in 2010. The wealth of knowledge gained gave me the confidence and will to work from home whilst taking time to bring up my two growing children. My eldest has recently graduated with 1st class honors – am certainly very proud of her. My son in his teens is also academically doing well. As a widow, it has been challenging but believe me, if there is a will there’s always a way. I have now teamed with Marie to work this business both for the betterment of our lives as well as the lives of the unfortunate. More importantly, I would like to bless as many people as I possibly can both in this business and the needy.


Marie’s personal capture of life journey, entrepreneurial interests, quotes and writings of great people to inspire the attainment of a more fulfilling and stress free life.

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Christine’s share of life experiences with growing years of young lives and mouth-watering recipes and holidays to break through one’s narrow view of options.

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